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Alex Deacon and his twin brother Thomas, 21, both decided to undergo laser eye surgery with Allon Barsam back in December 2017. Alex tells us more about his laser eye surgery experience with Mr Barsam.

Why I opted for Laser Eye Surgery

“My main reasons for deciding to have laser eye surgery were three-fold. Firstly, my future carrier aspirations were conflicted by my poor eyesight so I wanted to get it sorted for this reason. Secondly, the sports that I love to take part in, such as rugby and skiing, were hindered by the use of contact lenses either falling out or freezing to my eyes. And thirdly, I never liked wearing glasses or the irritation and annoyance of having to wear contacts regularly. So laser eye surgery really did feel like the best option for me.

My twin brother and I both chose Allon Barsam as our surgeon after he had been recommended to us by one of our neighbours who is a local optician. After further research about his practice, we became aware of his extensive work and knowledge in his field. Also, we spent time looking at online reviews and that sealed the deal.

The experience with Allon Barsam and his team was exceptional throughout the entire procedure. Not only Allon, but all the staff that I had contact with were a delight to speak to and very professional.

Alex and Thomas Deacon

Twins, Alex and Thomas Deacon

Before the surgery

Before the operation, I did have initial worries about the procedure. However, the consultation with Allon proved to be very useful in both educating myself on what to expect and any minimal risks which may arise due to the procedure. On the day of the surgery, the attitude and professionalism from the entire team made the whole thing relatively simple and quick. The use of music during the procedure also no doubt acted as a helpful distraction, alongside general conversation. The procedure went really smoothly.

Before surgery, my prescription was -2.75 in my left eye and -3.50 in the right eye. At my last follow-up appointment, it was confirmed that I have better than 20/20 vision!

How laser eye surgery has impacted my life

Having the laser eye surgery has had a massive impact on my life. I’ve been able to enjoy activities which were previously a real hassle to do with my contacts in. The simple things such as not having to get up in the morning and put contact lenses in or find my glasses before doing anything have been completely resolved by this surgery. Most importantly my career aspirations are no longer hindered by my poor eyesight.

I would definitely recommend Allon Barsam as a laser eye surgeon – in fact I have done to several people who were looking into it.”