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It is incredible! The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, I still feel so happy when I realise I don’t need glasses.Thank you SO much!

I had -3 vision in both eyes plus astigmatism. I couldn’t wear contact lenses more than once a week and even then only for about 4 hours because of how dry my eyes were. I got fed up and booked a consultation.
Mr Allon Barsam performed my surgery and what really impressed me was how much he put me at ease before and during the operation. The operation was short and painless and within 5 hours my eyes felt almost 100% fine. The next day I could see perfectly and it is now a month later and I absolutely love it! I can see, the eye dryness is not nearly as bad as when I wore lenses (they were dry for about 2 weeks but increasingly you don’t notice dryness except occasionally).