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“For patients who happily wear contact lenses as well as our many friends and colleagues in the optometric community, the article featured in today’s Daily Mail was part of a wider discussion regarding the long-term risks and benefits of contact lens wear.”

“My position on contact lens wear is that providing patients get a regular examination by a properly qualified eye care practitioner and wear their lenses responsibly, significant problems from contact lens wear are rare.”

“We fully support such patients who wear contact lenses, and in fact, only recommend refractive surgery in patients who are not happy or intolerant of contact lenses.”

“It should also be noted that Blepharitis is extremely common even in the absence of contact lens wear. It is estimated to affect around half of all people at some point in life. When it occurs it does not always produce a visible redness around the margin (edges) of the eyelids. This tends to only occur in the more severe or chronic cases and it is treatable. Again a well-qualified eye care practitioner would be able to identify this and advise on proper management.  Minor age-related skin changes are well known and accepted to occur with any manipulation of the delicate skin around the eye – not only improper contact lens handling but also eye rubbing.”

“Furthermore, we often work with and on behalf of our contact lens wearing patients (and contact lens prescribing eye care practitioners) to optimise a patient’s ocular surface to allow them to continue wearing contact lenses.”

“Finally, there are many diseases of the cornea, such as keratoconus, where contact lenses are the best and sometimes only option to allow patients adequate vision.”


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