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Eye Procedures

Mr Barsam’s training in cornea, lens and laser vision correction allows him to offer his patients the full range of surgical options.
When you talk to us about your eye problems, it is important that we discuss what is unique to you. We will get to know your reading requirements, your distance requirements, and your hobbies and occupation. Our eye procedures are customised to those requirements. It’s not a one-size-fits-all consultation and this personalisation will ensure that you are most likely to benefit from the best results that eye procedures can offer.

Mr Barsam practises from various specialist vision clinics and provides all those looking for vision correction treatment in London and Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes as well as much further afield, with an excellent quality of care in order to produce the best results.


For laser eye correction surgery, Allon Barsam uses the well-renowned ‘Z-Lasik’ technology. Combined with Mr Barsam’s expertise and experience, this Lasik eye surgery procedure gives incredible results. Millions of laser eye procedures have been carried out worldwide and it is now the most common elective procedure for adults in the world.

For this procedure, the eyes are numbed with anaesthetic drops. Both eyes are done at the same time and the procedure takes between ten and fifteen minutes from start to finish. The procedure is not painful and has very few complications. A good surgeon and the best technology ensures that everything will go smoothly.


Where Lasik laser eye surgery is not an option, advanced surface ablation can be performed. Allon Barsam has achieved good results using advanced surface ablation in cases of post corneal graft astigmatism, corneal dystrophies, recurrent corneal erosion syndrome, anterior corneal scarring and in very select patients with keratoconus who are intolerant of contact lenses.

Again, this is designed to be quick and as pain free as possible, with the vision correction procedure taking up to around fifteen minutes.


Also known as an Implantable Contact Lens or Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), the Phakic IOL is used where patients are under 45, and for whom laser eye correction is not suitable. This eye procedure is reversible and, because the lens is made from inert material, cannot cause rejection. Again, this takes around 10 – 15 minutes to perform and is done as a day case under local anaesthetic.


For people experiencing early cataracts and also other eye conditions such as myopia or presbyopia, eye procedures called refractive lens exchange can be carried out. This involves surgically removing any early cataract growth or just the clear natural lens from the capsular bag and replacing with an intraocular lens to correct vision. Intraocular lenses (IOLs) can also be inserted as an alternative to laser eye surgery, even in the absence of cataracts. IOLs can be customised to your needs, and Aspheric, Multifocal, Toric, and blended vision IOLs are available.


Cataracts can be an inevitable sign of old age, with 60% of all over-60s having some signs of lens opacification. Cataracts cause blurred vision and myopia, and can also be caused by specific diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, trauma, and the use of steroids.

Cataract surgery is usually a day procedure and is carried out under local anaesthetic. Eyes can either be operated on one at a time, with 1-2 weeks between procedures or done both eyes together for selected patients . Allon Barsam offers both manual surgery or laser cataract removal.

close view of female brown eyes hypermetropia


Used to treat conditions such as keratoconus or Fuchs corneal dystrophy, corneal transplant is a way of removing the diseased portion of a cornea and transplanting with a donor cornea. This new, partial eye procedure reduces the chances of endothelial rejection.


For some clients, lens implant surgery is an alternative to laser eye surgery. For people who have untreatable dry eyes, thin corneas, or strong prescriptions, intraocular lenses (IOL) can be implanted. The procedure is quick and performed under local anaesthetic. Premium lenses can also be used in astigmatism treatment.