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LASIK Eye Surgery

With perfect vision as early as the next day LASIK eye surgery has become the procedure of choice for those wanting freedom from glasses and contact lenses

Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

Allon Barsam performs LASIK eye surgery at clinics in London and Hertfordshire. Laser eye surgery from Allon Barsam is completely safe, accurate and technologically-advanced. As the most common of all types of laser eye surgery, LASIK is understandably a very popular choice for many patients. State-of-the-art laser technology combined with Mr Barsam’s world-renowned expertise, promises fantastic results for anyone looking for low-risk, quick and effective laser eye correction surgery.

Why choose LASIK?

  • LASIK could save you money. Why not check out our LASIK calculator to find out how much you could save by giving up contacts and glasses?
  • LASIK gets results. Provided you have a common prescription with no other visual complications, your chances of 20/20 vision following laser eye surgery are very high. (In fact, Allon Barsam has a 100% success rate in this area!). There is now almost 20 years of research data showing that in the right hands laser eye surgery is both safe and effective.
  • LASIK eye surgery is life-changing. “Words cannot express my thanks for making my whole world change within a couple of hours,” is a typical comment from one of Allon Barsam’s many satisfied laser eye surgery patients.
  • LASIK offers patients satisfaction. If you’re worried about how you will feel following the procedure, this research is reassuring. It shows that laser eye surgery has a much higher satisfaction rate than contact lenses.
  • LASIK can treat unusual prescriptions. If your prescription is very high or if you suffer from presbyopia, LASIK can offer a solution. For many patients, LASIK vision correction provides results they never thought possible.

What LASIK surgery involves

LASIK eye surgery is completely painless and the whole procedure typically takes around 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

  • Anaesthetic drops are used to completely numb the surface of each eye.
  • A femtosecond laser creates an ultra-thin flap in the cornea.
  • Mr Barsam gently reflects the flap so that the second laser (the excimer laser) can reshape the cornea.
  • A state-of-the-art pupil tracking device ensures accuracy and safety. If the eye moves during surgery the laser will follow the eye or automatically stop if necessary.
  • Mr Barsam then carefully repositions the flap before moving on to the other eye.

Fast and accurate lasers

Faster lasers are more accurate. As well as making laser eye surgery even safer, this also means that more eye tissue can be conserved. So, Allon Barsam uses the fastest FDA-approved lasers available, for all laser eye surgery procedures. LASIK eye treatment is a totally bladeless, wavefront-optimised procedure that is carried out using the world’s fastest and most accurate laser combination:

  • The Swiss-engineered Zeimer LDV Crystalline Femtosecond Laser is used for flap creation.
  • The German-made Wavelight Allegretto Excimer Laser is used to shape the cornea. This laser will remove 50% less tissue than most other lasers currently in use.

How safe is LASIK?

Millions of LASIK procedures have now been safely carried out worldwide. In fact, LASIK eye surgery is now the most common elective procedure for adults to undergo in the western world.

The latest laser technology means that problems from surgery are very rare indeed. As with any operation, however, there is a small element of risk. The skill and training of the surgeon are therefore critical to ensure that things go smoothly. As a world-class surgeon using the very best technology, Allon Barsam is able to safely treat prescriptions and conditions that most other laser vision surgeons cannot.

Case Study

What does it feel like from a patient’s point of view? Read Jenny’s experience of Advanced Wavefront Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery with Allon Barsam.

Laser Blended Vision

Laser blended vision is a unique and pioneering treatment for patients with presbyopia, who would otherwise need reading glasses.

For this treatment, LASIK eye surgery is used to adjust each eye differently, so one eye will be used for distance and the other targeted for close-up viewing.

The brain usually adapts to each eye, focusing at a different distance within six to eight weeks.


For patients with extremely high prescriptions, LASIK eye surgery can be part of a combined treatment known as bioptics. This technique corrects the majority of the refractive error with a refractive lens exchange or implantable contact lens. Following surgery, any small residual refractive error can be refined with advanced Z-LASIK.

Bioptics is a rare procedure that can only be carried out by highly-trained refractive surgeons. Mr Barsam runs one of the few laser eye surgery clinics where bioptics is available.

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Allon Barsam offers laser eye surgery in London and Hertfordshire. To discuss your suitability for laser eye treatment, book a consultation with Mr Barsam in his clinic near Harley Street, at London’s Wellington Hospital or at the Spire Hospitals in Bushey or Harpenden.