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Laser Eye Surgery

Mr Barsam had laser eye surgery himself, so has personal experience of the patient’s perspective, offering many vision correction solutions for every need.

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a term used to describe a collection of procedures which commonly correct short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hypermetropia), astigmatism and reading vision problems (presbyopia). Different techniques are used to correct each condition. These corrections are achieved through the use of a laser which reshapes the cornea (the transparent part) and adjusts the focus of the eye. Laser eye surgery is a brief procedure and is entirely painless due to the application of anaesthetic drops.

Our Results

woman with arms in air happy following vision correction

Laser eye surgery has been widely practised for the last 30 years, and there have been huge advancements in technology and techniques during this time. Allon Barsam and his team have a history of achieving excellent laser eye surgery results with 100% of our common prescription patients seeing 20/20 or better following treatment.

What types of Laser Eye Surgery are there?

There are several types of laser eye surgery available and the best choice for you will depend on your own individual eye health, medical history and personal preferences.

The most common and popular type of laser eye surgery is LASIK. Alternatively, LASEK/PRK treatment is also available to those with conditions unsuitable for LASIK treatment. Our team ensures that all our patients receive tailored, personalised care and the treatment recommended will be the one that best suits your visual needs.

LASIK Eye Surgery

man kayaking after vision correctionThis is the most popular form of laser eye surgery in the UK and it is estimated that over 30 million people worldwide have undergone the procedure in order to correct myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism. Using a femtosecond laser, the surgeon creates a flap in the cornea, before switching to an excimer laser to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct refractive errors.

Mr Barsam carries out all laser bladeless LASIK eye surgery. The procedure is not painful as anaesthetic drops are used to completely numb the surface of the eye.

Both eyes are done at the same time and the whole procedure typically takes around 10-15 minutes from start to finish:

  • First a femtosecond laser will create an ultra-thin flap in the cornea.
  • Mr Barsam then gently reflects the flap so that the second laser, the excimer laser, can reshape the cornea in keeping with the required prescription.
  • Using a state of the art pupil tracking device means that if the eye moves during surgery, the laser will follow the eye or automatically stop if necessary. Mr Barsam then carefully repositions the flap before moving onto the other eye.

LASEK (Laser epithelial keratomileusis)

LASEK is an alternative to LASIK, and it’s a good choice for patients with thinner corneas who may be unsuitable for LASIK. Sometimes called advanced surface ablation, LASEK avoids creating a flap in the cornea and instead, the surgeon simply makes a tiny cut with a laser and peels back the tissue on the surface on the eye (the epithelium). The epithelium remains intact throughout the procedure.

PRK (Photoreactive keratectomy)

This is a variation on the LASEK procedure. During PRK, the epithelium is completely removed before reshaping the cornea. Because it takes a few days for the epithelium to grow back, PRK can involve a longer recovery time than LASIK.

It’s important to talk through your options carefully with your eye specialist before you choose any of the types of laser eye surgery listed above. A good surgeon will explain the pros and cons of each option, and answer any questions you may have about your proposed procedure.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

The costs below are for both eyes and include an initial consultation and follow-up appointments.

LASIK £4400
LASIK for complex prescriptions £4900
LASEK (advanced surface ablation) £4400
Laser Blended Vision for Reading Vision £4900

Find out more about our pricing and the initial consultation required.

Why choose Allon Barsam for your eye surgery?

Allon Barsam is a world-renowned eye surgeon who utilises the latest technology and techniques to achieve the best results. Mr Barsam has carried out research into how to optimise patient safety by using customisable flap dimensions. In fact, Allon was the first surgeon in the UK to carry out thin flap/small flap Z-LASIK to reduce dryness post-operatively. He customises all of his treatments to maximize both the safety and effectiveness of laser vision correction.

Use of the new advanced Z-LASIK system has meant that the vast majority of his patients achieve 20/15 or 20/12 vision post-operatively. For patients who require reading vision, Mr Barsam uses Z-LASIK to offer laser blended vision.

The combination of a world class surgeon and technology mean that Allon is able to safely treat prescriptions and conditions during laser eye surgery that most other vision correction surgeons cannot.

What Laser Technology Do We Use?

Allon Barsam only uses the world’s fastest and most technologically advanced laser combination for wavefront guided vision correction – ‘Z-LASIK.’ During LASIK surgery, Allon uses the Swiss made Zeimer LDV Crystalline Femtosecond Laser for flap creation and then the German made Wavelight Allegretto Excimer Laser.

Both of these lasers are the fastest commercially available FDA approved lasers for LASIK and the most tissue conserving. For example, the Wavelight Excimer Laser will remove 50% less tissue than most other lasers currently in use. This technology, combined with Mr Barsam’s expertise and experience, generates fantastic results in laser vision correction.

Mr Barsam offers ReLEx SMILE, which is a key hole procedure similar to the LASIK laser eye surgery. ReLEx® SMILE is a new laser vision technique by ZEISS for the correction of vision defects.

Other types of eye surgery

For some patients, pre-existing conditions or complex prescriptions might mean that none of the procedures listed above are suitable. That does not mean that there is no surgical solution for you. Today, there are an increasing number of options available

  • Phakic IOL (intraocular lens). If you cannot undergo laser eye surgery, a surgically implanted lens may be the best solution for you. With minimal invasion, this keyhole procedure is a quick and reversible way to benefit from the convenience of laser eye surgery, allowing you to see clearly without spectacles or contact lenses.
  • RLE (Refractive lens exchange). Also known as PreLex (presbyopic lens exchange), RLE is a good treatment option for patients over the age of 50 with higher prescriptions, or who have cataracts in addition to refractive errors. It involves removing the crystalline lens within the eye and implanting an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

If you would like to book a consultation with Mr Barsam to discuss the different types of laser eye surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Permanent?

Laser eye surgery is a permanent procedure as the cornea is reshaped by the laser, correcting your vision so you will no longer need to rely on glasses or contact lenses. However, vision changes are normal as you age, and this is no different even if you have had laser eye surgery. Some of us will need to wear reading glasses for close work, or some people develop cataracts as they age.



Allon Barsam in London

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Mr Barsam operates at the European Centre of Excellence, located on New Cavendish Street, which is in the world-renowned Harley Street medical district. The clinic is ideal for patients with visual impairments because it is solely for lens-based and laser eye surgery.

Wellington Platinum Medical Centre

15-17 Lodge Road

Allon Barsam provides expert care at the Wellington Platinum Medical Centre. Convenient and easily accessible, patients receive personalised treatment using the latest technology in the ophthalmology industry. The internationally renowned private hospital is known for its reputation in complex healthcare.

Allon Barsam in Hertfordshire

Spire Bushey

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WD23 1RD

Patients can expect outstanding care from Mr Barsam and his team at Spire Bushey, with use of the latest technologies and innovations.

Spire Harpenden

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Located near St Albans, Allon Barsam at Spire Harpenden offers a wide range of vision correction treatments, including laser eye surgery and cataract removal.

How Safe is Laser Eye Surgery?

Modern technology combined with Allon Barsam’s specialist skills allow us to perform surgery very safely and effectively. We believe our results to be the best in the UK and among the best published worldwide. However as with any surgery, there are always small risks, the vast majority of them short-term. Find out more.

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