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Vision Correction and Laser Eye Surgery in Milton Keynes

Allon Barsam can transform your vision! If you are looking for a skilled ophthalmologist to carry out laser eye surgery or other vision correction procedures in the Milton Keynes area, visit Allon Barsam at the Spire Harpenden or Spire Bushey hospitals, for an unrivalled experience combined with the latest hi-tech equipment.

How Allon Barsam can assist you

A world-class ophthalmic surgeon with first-rate skills and qualifications, Allon Barsam is renowned for his specialist knowledge and his experience of modern and cutting-edge treatment options. Mr Barsam also understands the importance of a calm and caring approach, and treats all of his patients with compassion and understanding. Having undergone laser eye surgery himself, Allon Barsam has experience at both ends of the laser.

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Surgery at the Spire hospitals

Laser eye surgery is a modern and popular technique that has helped many hundreds of thousands of patients to improve their vision since the 1990s. It is a very simple and successful procedure that is nonetheless still being honed and developed for ever-increasing safety and accuracy. At the Spire hospitals, Allon Barsam uses his own surgical expertise to perform every procedure, employing the most advanced laser equipment available today.

Wavelight Allegretto laser: laser eye surgery milton keynes

The LASIK technique uses advanced guided laser technology for the ultimate in high-precision laser vision correction. To ensure accuracy and reduce risk, an intelligent pupil tracking device monitors eye movement and moves the laser or stops the procedure should the patient’s eye move.

Mr Barsam is careful to take into account each individual patient’s particular medical history and eye conditions. For patients unsuited to LASIK, other forms of laser eye surgery are available and include LASEK advanced surface ablation and ReLEx® SMILE.

Other options

Laser eye surgery cannot cure every visual problem; conditions like cataracts require alternative treatment. Allon Barsam has wide-ranging experience of the following surgical procedures, which are all offered in the Milton Keynes area…

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Cataract surgery

In cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is surgically removed and replaced with an artificial, intraocular lens. This is a low-risk procedure, reduced further if undertaken by a skilled and experienced surgeon. Laser eye surgery for cataracts (also known as Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery) is a new and technologically advanced procedure that achieves even greater safety, precision and visual results.

Corneal transplant surgery

Patients with keratoconus may require a corneal transplant in order to achieve optimal visual health. This is a skilled procedure best carried out by a highly qualified surgeon.

Contact Allon Barsam

Allon Barsam has extensive knowledge in a wide range of visual conditions, from commonplace, age-related conditions to rare diseases. You can read more about the eye conditions Mr Barsam can treat, and the procedures he uses.

For those who reside in the Milton Keynes area, our practises in both Hertfordshire and London are ideally placed. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr Barsam’s office on 020 3369 2020 to discuss any of our laser eye surgery treatments and book a consultation at a location that suits you.