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Back in December 2015, Kate Collington, 39 at the time, and a Commercial Director based in London, had bilateral advanced wavefront Z-LASIK surgery with Allon Barsam. We talk to Kate about her laser eye surgery experience, what led her to take the plunge and how the surgery has changed her way of life since.

“I decided to have the surgery as I had an extremely complex prescription with high astigmatism which made wearing contact lenses almost impossible. I had given up on them and just resorted to wearing glasses, and the occasional contact lens night out when clear vision was not needed!  This worked to a point as a strategy, but not long term as I still could not wear sunglasses, see at night when my kids woke up, or even my hand in front of my face – my vision was pretty bad!

I had been to see a high street surgeon and they said I was not eligible (which I am forever grateful for – everything happens for a reason as it led me to Allon!) I was at dinner when my friend told me she was having the surgery. I knew she had pretty bad vision too so I was astonished to discover she was eligible. She successfully had it done and was delighted. Her Mum quickly followed suit. She shared Allon’s number with me and then I made my appointment….

Kate CollingtonAllon was so kind and reassuring, and completely confident we could achieve a good result. So, then the fear kicked in! I had always thought it was a no, but now it was my choice! Well, scared does not even cover it! That night I spoke to another friend and shared my fears. She said “why don’t you get a second opinion? Why don’t you see my eye doctor?”

My friend has an eye condition, not related to laser eye surgery but she had been seeing a doctor for a few years who she had been delighted with. She found him very professional and he had really helped her. She told me he also did laser eye surgery, so what could be the harm? Ok, so what’s his name? Allon Barsam. Well that was it, I was convinced! Two friends who independently knew and recommended Allon, but particularly my second friend, who knew him as a doctor, not just as a laser eye surgeon. It meant so much to me. It gave me the faith that I was in the best and safest hands.

On the day of the surgery I was so nervous. My husband came with me. The whole team put me at ease, (and gave me Valium!) and it all went by in a flash. It was 20 minutes and it changed my life! I went home to bed, woke up the next morning being able to see much better. Not perfect – Allon had warned me of that as my prescription was so bad; -11.75 complex. We went back in at lunchtime and I was fit for driving, and a week later my vision was PERFECT!

It has changed my life completely. I feel bad at how little thought I give to it now. I swim – there’s no panicking and wearing my glasses due to being scared that I won’t be able to see. I wear sunglasses, and not ugly prescription ones! I open the oven door without steaming up! It’s the little things!! On a less frivolous note, I work in front of a PC all day as a Commercial Director and I have no eye strain.

After one year, Allon signs you off and last week I had a check-up, two years after Allon discharged me. My optician could not believe it!!! She had never seen such a result in her professional life.

I would 100% recommend Allon. I already have, to about 100 people!! He changed my life. He is so good at what he does. I honestly can’t heap enough praise.”