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Back in May 2017, David Pulis, 36, a London-based, chartered, senior project quantity surveyor, had bilateral implantable contact lens surgery with Mr Allon Barsam. We talked to him about his experience, why he decided to go ahead with implantable contact lens surgery with Allon Barsam and about the difference it has made to his everyday life.

Why I opted for implantable contact lenses

“My main reasons for going ahead with the implantable contact lens surgery were to remove my reliance on glasses and contact lenses. Glasses can be a particular pain when you have young boys – they love to run, jump and cuddle when I walk through the front door! Truth be told, this is the best part of the day… who needs glasses getting in the way!

I also feared losing, dropping or breaking my glasses or contacts. Due to my high prescription, my glasses were heavy. They were causing me discomfort on my nose. They would slip down my nose in warm weather. I didn’t want to deal with that. Other day to day issues were annoying such as having to search for my glasses in the middle of the night, when I wanted to pop in to see or check on my children.
I regularly had the feeling of dry eyes too when wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time, or when using a computer which is pretty much all day at work.

Finding out about Allon Barsam

I was introduced to Allon by one of his colleagues working at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital. He had nothing but good things to say about Allon. I followed this up with my own research, building in confidence every time I looked Allon up. I then went for a consultation and left that first appointment knowing that, if I was going to have this done, I would not go anywhere else.

I felt like I was more than just a patient to Allon. His passion, experience and knowledge is unforgettable. He was determined to ensure that it all ran smoothly and successfully for me. I left the first appointment with mixed feelings – fear about the prospect of surgery combined with an underlying sense of utter excitement! For the first time, it had finally sunk in that life without glasses or lenses was a real possibility! Having worn glasses since a very young age, and having worn lenses since the age of 12, this was a huge step for me.

Before the surgery

Before the surgery, I was extremely worried, after all I was placing my vision in the hands of others. This was no small decision but Allon and his team were amazing. From the very first conversation and meeting to this very day. On the day of the procedure Dr Manish Raval, my anesthetist, was truly brilliant – he was popping in to see me regularly to check I was ok and to reassure me. Mr Allon Barsam and Dr Manish Raval calmed my nerves by clearly explaining what to expect and keeping me informed every step of the way. Allon and his team ensured I had a pain free and comfortable procedure.

The day of surgery & aftercare

The day of the surgery was an experience I will never forget. I was treated with a level of care and attention that I have never experienced before. Being honest, the aftercare was something I was concerned about before I went ahead. It’s always the kind of thing that companies say they’ll do well but never deliver on. But Allon and his team, if anything, have done MORE than was promised initially and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me.

The operation went very smoothly thanks to Allon and his team. I would like to specifically mention Joanne Cantor who consistently responded to my (many) questions in the lead up to the procedure. I was never made to feel like I was a hindrance. In fact, questions were welcomed. Joanne knew full well that me gaining a clear and full understanding of what I was embarking upon was how I was dealing and coping with my nerves.


Before surgery, my prescription was very high. My left eye was -12.75, my right eye -08.00 with astigmatism. Now, I am delighted to say my left eye is 20/16 and my right eye is 20/20.

How laser eye surgery has changed my everyday life

Allon and his team have most definitely changed my life for the better. A significant benefit for me is not having to deal with the daily hassle of glasses and contact lenses. But the biggest thing by far is being able to see my children, unaided, close up, without glasses getting in the way when having good old father-son time, when reading a bedtime story and having a cuddle.

I feel great. I’m experiencing distance vision clarity that I never have before. Even colours seem to be more distinctive!

I would most definitely recommend Allon Barsam. In fact, I already have on a few occasions.”