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On 4th  September 2017, myself and the team at Allon Barsam celebrate our 5th  anniversary of setting up the Allon Barsam practice.

I’ve seen so many changes in the world of ophthalmology in the last five years, the most notable being the improved technology in laser systems and intraocular lenses, as well as a greater understanding of combined adjuvant treatments in complex disease, such as laser crosslinking in keratoconus.

The business has changed a great deal since 2012. The biggest change has been the sheer growth we have experienced. We’re very grateful to all our patients for so much love and word of mouth recommendations. Patients often send their family members and loved ones to us after having their own surgery.

I’ve been lucky enough to see us reach some major milestones for the business in the past five years.Mr Allon Barsam Everything from invitations for international speaking and teaching opportunities, to innovating and working with companies to evaluate new lenses, to modifying our laser treatments to provide our patients with vision correction far beyond 20/20. I recall one particular case where we were able to help multiple members of one family. One of our referring Optometrists sent her mother to us for cataract surgery. She herself then came to us for refractive lens exchange. Finally, she sent her daughter to us for laser eye surgery. I feel very honoured to have carried out all of this surgery on an industry insider and her family.

Training and personal development are very important to me. We meet as a team every two weeks. We discuss our patient feedback and use this to continue improving and maintaining our very high standards. The team often spend time in the clinic, meeting patients face-to-face and observing treatments, in order to gain knowledge that means they can give our patients the very best information and experience possible.

To others looking to set up their own practice, my advice is to be passionate about what you do, work hard and above all always put your patient first.

I’ve seen a number of developments and innovations in ophthalmology and laser eye surgery since I started the practice. As far as the future is concerned, I feel confident that Femtosecond laser systems will evolve to make laser eye surgery even more safe and precise.

My plans for the future of the practice include continued investment in staff and technology to give our patients the best and safest experience possible.

The past five years have been a real journey and I have a lot of people to thank for their help and support along the way. Mr Allon Barsam and teamWe wouldn’t have reached this milestone if it weren’t for my superb team and everyone involved with running the Allon Barsam practice. They are such a dedicated group of people and I feel very fortunate to have them by my side. In addition, I’m hugely grateful to my patients for putting their faith and trust in me to look after their vision correction. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next five years have in store!