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If you can correct your vision with contact lenses, is there any need for laser eye surgery? That’s how one patient always saw it, until dry eye issues meant contacts were no longer an option. One simple LASIK procedure later, her vision is now better than 20/20.

Glasses or LASIK

“I’d been a contact lens wearer for about 25 years and always wanted laser eye surgery, but wanted to wait until the industry had progressed and also I was scared!  It felt a bit luxurious to take a risk on a procedure that wasn’t really necessary. But 2 years ago I started having problems with my eyes that meant I could no longer wear my contact lenses, so my attitude had to change as I didn’t want to be a glasses wearer again,” explains Nina, 42.

Preparing for surgery

A few complications meant that LASIK wasn’t available straight away. “I saw a few consultant ophthalmologists who tried to get to the bottom of my dry-eye related problems.  I also had growths under my eyelids.”

Nina had heard about Allon Barsam from a few people who had undergone laser eye surgery at his clinic, all of whom had recommended him. “When I moved into Mr Barsam’s care he put me on a course of treatments to get my eyes back to a state where they would be ready for surgery.  After nearly a year of several different eye drops and tablets I was finally ready!”.

Painless procedure

Nina underwent LASIK laser eye surgery in September 2018, and the operation went smoothly. All staff were professional and offered reassurance when needed. It’s normal to feel apprehensive before surgery, but this time she felt good:

“I normally get the shakes before scary procedures but this time I was more excited than scared. If I had been scared I was offered Valium for my nerves, but I declined it.”

The procedure itself was quick and painless. “There is no pain, just a bit of discomfort and pressure but it’s not painful,” reports Nina. “The thought of the procedure is far worse than the procedure itself.”

Perfect transformation

After surgery, Nina’s eyesight has been transformed, going from -6.00D in the left eye and -5.75D in the right, to better than 20/20 vision. “It’s the little things that have changed after surgery – not having to reach for my glasses as soon as I wake up, being able to see when I put make-up on, going swimming and being able to see – and I can’t wait to buy new sunglasses!”.

“I know it’s up to me to continue my after-care with dedication so that everything will settle as quickly as it can,” she says. “I would absolutely recommend Allon Barsam to others considering eye surgery”.

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