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Laser eye surgery patient conor“I owe my future career to Allon. He surely is the best in his field.”


Back in 2016, Conor L, 21 at the time, was looking to pursue a career in the Royal Navy as a fighter pilot. However, his eyesight was not of a sufficient standard to enable him to progress along this career path. Here we follow Conor’s journey from short-sightedness and astigmatism to perfect vision.

“I needed laser eye surgery to be able to follow my dreams. Mr Allon Barsam was recommended to me by my Careers Liaison Officer at the time and I went ahead with the surgery as a 21st birthday present.

Before the surgery I was 6/18 with a prescription of around -2.75 in each eye. I was short-sighted and had an astigmatism in the left eye too.

On the day of surgery, I arrived at the clinic, ready for my new vision. I can honestly say my experience was amazing. The surgery itself wasn’t a stressful or anxious experience. I felt very calm thanks to the efforts of Allon and his team, and their choice of music and the general atmosphere in the room is very relaxing. I have looked forward to every meeting with Allon.

Allon had explained how everything was going to work and so I didn’t feel unprepared or kept in the dark. In fact, I wasn’t worried at all. The operation itself went very smoothly and it felt like it only took a minute. My vision is now 20/12 thanks to Allon! That’s almost twice as good as 20/20 – perfect vision – and classified as ‘super-vision’.

It’s safe to say I owe my future career to Allon. Without this laser eye surgery, I would not have been able to pursue a career as a Naval Aviator, despite my aptitude. On top of this, my new-found vision has made a massive difference to my everyday life. Going away and staying away from home is made so much easier now I don’t have to deal with glasses or contacts.

So far, I’m in the process of a new application to the Royal Navy. The Navy has fairly strict rules on eyesight standards. They require unaided 20/40 vision as a minimum. Thanks to Allon I now not only meet that but smash it!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Allon to anyone looking into laser eye surgery. He is surely the best in the field. Not just for his knowledge and expertise but his personality and ‘bedside manner’ too. Allon makes the whole process so easy to handle, when really the idea of having lasers cutting your eye up should put most people on edge! I wouldn’t just recommend Allon, I’d say there is no one else to go to.

Even now, one year on, I find myself being caught out by it. Every now and then I still smile about it, usually in the mornings as before I wouldn’t have put my contacts in yet. Now I’m enjoying the freedom from contact lenses and can’t wait to pursue my career goals thanks to Allon.”