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Name: Natalie Seeff

Age: 38

Location: The client flew in especially from Israel

Patient History

I have had vision problems for years, my eyes could not tolerate contact lenses well and I’ve always hated the look and the hassle of wearing spectacles. As a result, I was looking for an alternative solution to give me better vision and improve my quality of life.

As an active sportsperson and frequent traveler, living in a hot, (and often humid) country, wearing glasses posed numerous practical problems too. I was disappointed to learn ten years ago that laser surgery was not an option for me. Ever since, I had searched and hoped for a specialist with a different opinion or indeed that advantages in science and technology would develop in my favour, such that a suitable solution would become available.

Expert Advice

Allon Barsam came highly recommended and he and the rest of his team certainly lived up to my high expectations, providing an excellent service. They were exceedingly professional and helpful from start to finish.

Implantable Collamer LensesGiven that I do not live in the UK, they were particularly accommodating with direct and swift contact by phone and email as well as with making appointment dates and surgery to fit in with my schedule and brief visit to London.

I was pleased to learn that I was suitable for a Visian ICL procedure (Implantable Collamer Lenses) to correct my vision, something I had not heard of before. (And it seems few have, as since surgery, a number of people have been intrigued).

14 April – Day of Surgery

I am delighted and relieved to say that the surgery was painless and quick. Mr Barsam talked me through each step as the surgery took place to put me at my ease.

In fact, on the day of surgery, the results were immediate! Like magic, after years of requiring spectacles, my vision is now beyond perfect and I’ve waved goodbye and good riddance to the specs! This is a true transformation and I only wish I’d done it sooner!

I think the above review speaks for itself, but I have nothing but praise and would 100% recommend Mr Barsam and the team for all things ocular! THANK YOU!!