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Name: Margaret S.

Age: 73

Profession: Retired Secretary 

I had developed cataracts and contended with gradually worsening eyesight for many years. I was suffering from misty, cloudy and blurred vision and had thought it was very unlikely that I would be able to regain my eyesight. My progressing condition meant that I needed to change my glasses prescription on a very regular basis and the spectacles solution was proving very impractical. I had two pairs of glasses – one for reading and one for distance – which was a bit of a nuisance.

Year 2001

Sixteen years ago, I underwent Radial Keratotomy, a refractive procedure which sought to correct myopia. That was commonplace before the advancements of laser eye surgery. Unfortunately following the surgery, I was left with corneas that are irregularly shaped. Due to the irregular shape of my corneas, I was unable to consider any of the standard modern options available for treating cataracts.

The Referral

The options available to me were very limited. To help me improve my sight, I was referred to Mr Allon Barsam, as a prime candidate for a ground-breaking new lens implant procedure.  Using something called an aperture IC-8™ intraocular lens, which is much smaller than the standard lens used, this new procedure makes treatment on patients like me, with irregular shaped corneas, possible.

The procedure on my eyes marks the first time the innovative surgery was performed in England. The aperture lens, which is only the size of a pin head, was implanted successfully at the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital by Mr Barsam.

The Results

For me, the results are just life-changing, and the procedure was completely painless. There was a little light sensitivity for a day but that really was it. This pioneering new treatment didn’t really impact my everyday life too much either which was really good. I had some eye drops to use for a few weeks and was advised not to drive for a week. But apart from that I was able to get on with life as normal.

I am absolutely thrilled with the impact of the surgery. I would definitely urge other sufferers of the same condition to undergo this sight-saving treatment. I would recommend the procedure to anyone who is in the same position. I am extremely grateful to have been given my life back.