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Name: Aarti Parmar-Pandya

Age: 37

Profession: Self Employed – Branding & Graphic Design

In 2002, I had Lasik eye surgery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the age of 23. The procedure was uncomfortable (which was concerning as in the right hands this procedure should not be uncomfortable at all). I recovered from the experience and – Happy days, I no longer had to wear glasses or contact lenses and felt I had a new found freedom.

Year 2012

10 years later my eye sight had deteriorated to the point that I couldn’t see as well and was experiencing blurry vision. I returned to Kuala Lumpur, sought out a different surgeon and had another laser eye surgery procedure to improve vision in both eyes.

Year 2016

Case Study Advanced Surface Ablation: Car light glareFour and a half years later I started to notice, especially when I was driving at night time, the glare from other cars on the road causing blurring and eye strain. Whenever I could, I would avoid driving at night. I also noticed that I could read less and less from my right eye. I knew my right eye was getting worse when I would ask my husband if he could see signs on the roads / motorways, and he could – perfectly! I could barely see them.

The image shows how my eyes would see the glare.

March 2016

I decided that it was time to find a reputable eye surgeon, closer to home. I researched to find a surgeon with the right experience and great reputation, which led me to have a consultation with Allon Barsam.

Case Study Advanced Surface Ablation: Paper documentationThe lovely AB team were very friendly and caring.

Here’s the AB information pack received promptly after scheduling in my consultation. You can also see my eyes being scanned and tested soon after.

After a thorough examination, very detailed tests and scans, it was discovered that I had wrinkles in the right eye flap. I also obtained the medical notes and scans from the previous surgeries in Kuala Lumpur in order for Allon to understand exactly what had happened. At that point I realised my treatment was far more complex and that there are very few surgeons out there who have the expertise to actually treat it.

There’s me thinking I just needed to have another laser eye surgery procedure done!

Allon explained the complexity of my case to me, what my options were, the consequences and the outcomes in a way which made me feel at ease. I felt very reassured that I was in the best hands.

Allon had given me all the information I needed to make a decision about further surgery. I decided to go ahead and have the Advanced Surface Ablation surgery to flatten the wrinkles in my right eye.

Case Study Advanced Surface Ablation: Ready for surgeryWithin that week I received my pre-operative pack which gave me all the information about the procedure, medications and do’s & dont’s.

14 April – Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, my husband accompanied me to the clinic in Wimpole Street. I didn’t realise how nervous I was, but Allon could tell and prescribed me valium to calm my nerves! I remember sitting in the waiting room saying to my husband that I didn’t think the valium had taken effect. He laughed and pointed out that I was sat back, stretched out looking very at home!

Before the surgery, tests were repeated on my eye again to confirm the diagnosis and to detect if there have been any changes in my eye.

I noticed as I walked into the laser suite, how very hi-tech the machinery looked. Allon was very chirpy and made me feel at ease. There was genuine compassion being expressed throughout. It felt like I had been in the laser suite for ages, but in actual fact it was all done in 10 minutes!! Allon and the team went through the after care with my husband and I and off we went back home.

I was in discomfort for the first day, but the painkillers, sleeping tablets and drops helped!

It also helped that my husband did everything for me (sweetheart) for the first few days following the procedure, you are unable to cook, clean, watch TV or use a computer/tablet/laptop, which I found quite a challenge! Due to light sensitivity, it is recommended to rest in a dark room for several days too. After that, I ventured out but only with my sunglasses on.

Case Study Advanced Surface Ablation: Medications and dropsHere, you can see my medications and drops. 

18 April – First post-operative check up

The lens that was placed in to protect my eye was removed and Allon said that the surgery had gone well. It looked as though the wrinkles had been successfully removed. The blurriness still will remain for sometime though.

There is still a limit to what I can do, so more resting and abstaining from using my laptop.

25 April – Second post-operative check up

Allon confirms that the surgery has been a success and that the wrinkles have gone! Due to the healing process, the blurriness will take time to heal, possibly up to 6 months.

I am happy that I can now use my laptop and continue with my design and branding business. The next milestone will be driving again…especially at night time without feeling discomfort!

9 May

Still putting in eye drops every 30min / 1hour, doing hot compresses on my eye and having flaxseed oil twice a day. I do feel the blurriness is reducing slightl. More time is needed for healing…..

Case Study Advanced Surface Ablation: Patient with Allon BarsamThe whole process was very easy and straightforward with Allon and his very efficient team. Allon is not only a fantastic surgeon, but his approach before, during and after surgery has been professional, caring, and personable.

20 May

I’m able to drive during the daytime now, which is fantastic! The blurriness is steadily improving and I am looking forward to enjoying the full benefit of my surgery in time!

If there is one piece of advice I would give, it is to make sure that you choose a surgeon with an excellent reputation and can provide you with the appropriate aftercare. It would be wise to choose a surgeon that you can get to easily and not have to travel abroad to see. The Lasik procedure should not be painful at any point. I had an entirely different experience with Mr Barsam and cannot recommend him highly enough.