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2017 has been a very big year for Emma Field, who was busy preparing for her summer wedding back in Spring. She knew that she did not want the hassle of wearing glasses to spoil her wedding day, so she decided to treat herself to laser eye surgery as her birthday present to herself.

Emma explains her reasons for going ahead with laser eye surgery with Allon Barsam. “I had always thought about having it done as I never got on with contact lenses and I absolutely hated wearing glasses. I never wore them, so just used to go out blind, making a lot of things very difficult! It was my wedding that gave me the push to get it done as I did not want to wear glasses on my wedding day but wanted to be able to see everything. So, I decided to go for it.”

When it came to researching and selecting a suitable laser eye surgeon, Emma wanted a personal recommendation for such an important procedure. She took advice from her future mother-in-law who recommended she have it done with Allon Barsam.

Emma comments on her laser eye surgery experience, before, during and after. “Allon was amazing. He made me feel so comfortable from the first consultation right through to the end. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got a consultation from my first enquiry. The consultation put my mind at ease straight away and got rid of any doubts I was having. After speaking to Allon, I was just so excited to have it done and not at all scared anymore. Even on the day of surgery, I wasn’t scared. I just couldn’t wait to be able to see. Allon and his team were amazing on the day.”

Emma had her surgery in March 2017 and was absolutely delighted with the procedure and the results. “The surgery was over so quickly and it really was pain-free. There was a little bit of discomfort afterwards but really nothing at all and so worth it for the amazing results you get. I couldn’t believe how much better I could see instantly.”

“My prescription was -2.50 of myopia in each eye with some astigmatism before the surgery. I was short-sighted so could read fine but couldn’t see in the distance. But now I have better than 20/20 vision which is amazing. The surgery has been truly life-changing for me. I don’t have to worry about having my glasses on me every time I leave the house. Or about not being able to see who is waving at me in the street. I don’t worry about not being able to find my friends when I go out and meet them. It’s great to actually be able to see when someone says ‘look at that!’”

“The best thing though was being able to see my husband, everything at our wedding and all my guests’ faces properly during our wedding. To be glasses-free on the big day was incredible. It really is the best thing I have ever done.”

Emma comments “I would 100% recommend Allon Barsam to anyone thinking about having laser eye surgery. My vision is amazing; it’s like seeing the world in HD. I can see every leaf on the trees and every brick in a house. I cannot believe this is how some people can see naturally. I wish I had done this years ago.”