Vision Problems For Ages 18-40

Nowadays many older teenagers and university age students are opting for vision correction for their vision problems at a young age to accommodate active lifestyles and to avoid dangerous eye infections from contact lens use and potential vision loss. This age group realises the greatest cost benefit – the one time expense of correcting vision problems versus a lifetime of glasses, contacts and solutions.

Young woman with vision problems having laser eye surgery

People in their 20s and 30s can benefit greatly from vision correction. Their eyes have stabilised and they are busy starting their adult lives with new careers, active lifestyles and young children. Imagine not having to reach for your glasses in the middle of the night to go to a young child or swimming without dealing with contacts and glasses.

Correcting vision problems for this age group is highly successful and permanent. As you reach your mid-40’s, presbyopia begins which can make reading small print difficult. At this time, you may benefit from an enhancement to your original procedure to continue your glasses free life and help prevent vision loss.

Allon Barsam at a practice helping to cure vision problems

Candidates in this age a group must have a stable prescription and a comprehensive eye exam by Mr Allon Barsam to determine eligibility and the nature of their vision problems. Procedures most suitable for this group are either Advanced Z-LASIK, Advanced Surface Ablation or Phakic IOLs.