Allon Barsam at Focus Clinic

World-leading laser eye surgery clinic and centre of excellence, Mr Barsam provides outstanding care in Focus Clinic, a Harley Street specialist surgery centre.

Allon Barsam at Focus Clinics

22 Wimpole St

laser eye surgery london on Harley Street

For patients seeking specialist vision correction, Allon Barsam at the Focus Clinic provides an unrivalled service, accompanied by world-class surgeons and state-of-the-art technology. Leading expert Allon Barsam performs various advanced ophthalmological procedures for eye conditions at this surgeon-owned consultant specialist vision correction clinic. If you’re looking for a corneal surgeon, cataract surgeon or laser eye surgeon, visit our laser eye surgery in London page to find out more about vision correction treatment options from Allon Barsam at Focus Clinic.