Allon Barsam at the Wellington Platinum

Consultant opthalmic surgeon Mr Barsam offers specialist and personalised eye care using the latest in opthalmic technology from his clinics at the Wellington Platinum Medical Centre, a well-equipped eye hospital in London.

Allon Barsam at the Platinum Medical Centre

15-17 Lodge Road London NW8 7JA

Allon Barsam’s eye clinic in the Platinum Medical Centre of the Wellington Hospital is a fantastic choice of eye hospital in London. Here, world-renowned Allon Barsam brings his specialist skills and experience to a convenient and accessible London location. The Opthamology Unit at the Wellington Hospital provides world class personalised eye care. The clinic offers laser eye surgery using highly innovative equipment, and operated by Allon who himself has contributed to the development of laser eye surgical equipment and techniques. Laser eye surgery can correct sight conditions such as myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. Lens-based correction surgery can correct the problems caused by cataracts, keratoconus, and astigmatism. Lens-based correction surgery is also used as an alternative to laser eye surgery where it is not an option for medical reasons. allon barsam operates in a boutique eye hospital in london
Platinum medical centre at the Wellington Hospital
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