Vision Correction and Laser Eye Surgery Cost
Your eyes are unique and we customise all of our treatments to give you the best vision possible. Cutting price means cutting quality. State-of-the-art, world-leading laser eye surgery or lens implant surgery is an investment that you won’t regret. Our pricing is transparent, inclusive and up front with no hidden extras. We offer a range of finance options and can work with you to make our pricing manageable.

Finance Options and Payment plan example

We offer a finance scheme for refractive procedures to help spread the cost of your treatment. Interest free payment plans are available up to 12 months. A minimum 10% deposit is required and this is payable prior to surgery.

This example table is based on Advanced Wavefront Optimised Z-LASIK to both eyes performed by Mr Barsam, with an interest free payment plan over 12 months.

Total cost of treatment £4,400
10% deposit £440
Amount to borrow £3,960
Repayments over 12 months £330 per month

The example does not include advanced Z-LASIK for complex prescriptions. 
Prices are correct at the time of writing and are subject to annual review.

How to apply

Please contact our office to begin the initial application process. You will need to let us know 10 days in advance of your treatment that you wish to apply for finance. The finance scheme is only available for refractive procedures. Other procedures offered by Mr Barsam are not eligible for finance. You must be a UK resident. Please contact us for further details.


Initial consultation fee for laser eye surgery will be deducted from the total cost of the procedure. Furthermore if you are found unsuitable for safe surgery then the fee will also be refunded minus an administrative charge of £25.

Routine Assessments for treatment:

Laser Eye Surgery £150
Refractive lens Exchange £260
Cataract £260
Corneal £260

Please be advised that if you require additional scans or more in-depth assessment additional fees may apply.

If you have private health insurance…

Cataract assessment is usually covered, as are the detailed measurements for corneal conditions. However insurers differ in their cover so please check with your insurer. Consultations for refractive procedures are not covered by insurers.


The below are total laser eye surgery costs for both eyes. All Laser Eye Surgery uses advanced Wavefront Optimised Profiles.


LASIK £4400
LASIK for complex prescriptions £4900
LASEK (advanced surface ablation) £4400
Laser Blended Vision for Reading Vision £4900

Your wavefront-guided laser procedure fee includes:


Day one, week one, six week and 1 year follow-up appointments


Week one, Six week and 1 year follow-up appointments

The cost of treatment surgical fee, facility fee, the post-op drops bag (to take home on the day), follow up assessments for one year and any further laser eye treatment within two years if required. Other ophthalmic conditions unrelated to the Laser Surgery are not included.


The following costs are total costs for each eye:

Refractive Lens Exchange with regular lens £2900
Refractive Lens Exchange with premium lens £3300
Femtosecond laser refractive lens surgery (femto-phako) £3600
Femto RLE With advanced technology premium lens £4100

Your refractive lens procedure fee includes:

The cost of treatment, surgical fee, facility fee, a premium lens implant, immediate post-op drops(to take home on the day) and a follow-up appointment two weeks after surgery and further follow-up appointments up until one year. YAG laser treatment, if required, is NOT included in the procedure fee. Other ophthalmic conditions unrelated to the lens surgery are not included. Anaesthetist fee available on request.

Private health insurance does not normally cover Refractive Lens Surgery.


The below are total costs for each eye:

Cataract surgery with regular lens £2900
Cataract surgery with premium lens £3300
Femtosecond laser cataract surgery surgery (femto-phako) £3600
Femto-phako with advanced technology premium lens £4100

Your cataract procedure fee includes:

  • initial consultation
  • hospital facility
  • surgeons fee
  • pre-operative care
  • post-operative care
  • all consultation up until one year after surgery

Insured cataract

If you are insured, cataract surgery is usually covered by your insurance company and is performed as a day case procedure. Private health insurers require us to bill for each aspect of your treatment separately so the self-pay information above will not apply.

Claim authorisation

We will need your membership number and an authorisation/case number which is issued by your insurer prior to any treatment.

Procedure code

C7122 cataract surgery for when eyes are treated separately
C7125 cataract surgery for when eyes are treated on the same day


Months or years after cataract or lens surgery it may be necessary for you to have a YAG laser treatment. If this procedure is required this is not included in the cataract or lens procedure fee.

Providing the original surgery has been carried out by Mr Barsam the fees are as follows:

Unilateral (One eye) £500
Bilateral (Two eyes) £700

For patients where the original procedure was not carried out by Mr Barsam the fees are as follows:

Unilateral (One eye) £900*
Bilateral (Two eyes) £1400*

*Prices inclusive of consultation

Private health cover

YAG procedures are usually covered by insurance companies and is performed as an outpatient procedure.

Procedure Code

C7340 YAG capsulotomy for when eyes are treated separately
C7341 YAG capsulotomy for when eyes are treated on the same day


The cost of treatment:


One eye £2,300
Two eyes £4,600

Your corneal cross-linking package includes:

The fee includes the facility fee, surgical fee, the post-operative drops pack (to take home on the day), follow up appointments at one week, six weeks and one year. Other ophthalmic conditions unrelated to the cross-linking are not included.


This covers a wide range of conditions and treatment complexity. As treatment is determined by the individual eye and conditions fees for PTK are quoted on an individual basis at the time of consultation. If you have private health insurance this maybe covered.

PTK procedure fee overview:

  • PTK: quoted on individual basis
  • PTK procedure code for insurers: C5122


Toric astigmatism correcting lens £700
Premium lens (trifocal/multifocal) £1,000*
Special/custom made lens on request

*Additional premium lens costs for insured patients only (self-pay patients have this pricing included in their package)

 Additional diagnostic charges (NB this applies to self-pay patients only)

£50 for each diagnostic scan  (Please note that this does not apply to vision correction patients)

Outpatient cover

Follow up appointments are only covered by insurers if you have outpatient cover.   If this is not the case the charge will be £170 per follow up appointment.

Private health insurers

We are covered with every single major insurance company. Our admin team can help you with the process. Please call us if you need any help or advice.

Responsibility of settlement of fees

The extent of cover depends on your insurance company and your individual polity. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to settle all accounts in full including any excess or shortfall amounts that do not fall within your policy criteria and therefore not covered by your insurance company.


Prices are correct at the time of writing and are subject to annual review.

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Interest Free Credit

We are partnered with Omni Capital and can offer finance for all of our eye surgery procedures.

Our affordable finance can make it easier to spread the cost of surgery over a number of months if required.

A minimum 10% deposit is required and the balance is split over your chosen monthly period of either 6, 10 or 12 months at a rate of 0% APR.*

Interest bearing credit options over longer periods are available on request.