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  • 華堅


          埃塞俄比亞華堅輕工業城位于埃塞俄比亞首都亞的斯亞貝巴 Labu Lafto 區,是以服裝、鞋帽、電子為主的輕工產業制造、出口創匯的工業園區,于 2015 年 4 月奠基開工建設?,F各項建設正在有序地進行,計劃于 2018 年 2 月完成 50 萬平方米的工業廠房建設,項目將于 2025 年全面竣工。


          建成后的華堅輕工業城將會是一個有城市活力與魅力的、產城一體的工業新城,一個人類城市生活需求都能實現的高度環保的人性化社區。園區產城一體,主要分成:產業區、產業綜合區、公寓住宅區、商務辦公區、商業街區、購物中心區和森林酒店區 7 個片區。屆時工業城將會成為非洲及埃塞輕工業發展的新焦點。預計每年可創匯 20 億美元,提供 3-5 萬個就業機會。



    Introduction to China-Ethiopia Huajian Light Industrial Town

    The China-Ethiopia Huajian Light Industrial Town is an industrial park for manufacturers and exporters of light industrial products, such as clothing, footwear, headwear and electronics, located in Labu Lafto district in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The construction was started in April, 2015, and is expected to be completed by 2025. The construction of the factory area, covering 500,000 m2s,  is expected to be finished by February, 2018.


    The Huajian Industrial Town will become a dynamic, glamorous and environmentally-friendly community, a combination of both industrial and residential areas. It involves 7 sub-areas, including the comprehensive industrial area, the industrial park, apartment area, Forest Inn area, office building area, commercial area and shopping centre. When completed, the Industrial Town will become a new driver of the development of light industry in Ethiopia and Africa, generating over 2 billion dollars of revenues and 30 to 50 thousand jobs each year.

    The construction of this project is in line with Chinese government’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy, as well as Huajian Group’s ambition to further expand and update its business internationally. It will become a great demonstration of the Group’s motto of serving more people and contributing to the industry and society, and a perfect example of Chinese company successfully settled in Africa.


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