Advanced Surface Ablation

This is an excellent laser eye surgery alternative for those who are not suitable for LASIK.


Mr Barsam uses the Wavelight Allegretto for advanced surface ablation (LASEK, PRK, epi-LASEK) where it is indicated. He carries out a unique minimal epithelial debridement, which is fully customised to the intended treatment dimensions of the excimer laser in order to accelerate healing post-operatively.

The advanced surface ablation procedure is not painful, as anaesthetic drops are used to completely numb the surface of the eye. Both eyes are done at the same time and the whole procedure typically takes around 10-15 minutes from start to finish. First, Allon Barsam gently debrides the corneal epithelium (the surface cells of the cornea). The excimer laser then reshapes the cornea in keeping with the patient’s prescription. Finally, a bandage contact lens is placed onto the cornea for 3-5 days until healing is complete.

Allon Barsam

Wavelight Allegretto laser used for advanced surface ablation procedure
Mr Barsam also uses advanced surface ablation in cases of post corneal graft astigmatism, corneal dystrophies, recurrent corneal erosion syndrome, anterior corneal scarring and in very select patients with keratoconus who are intolerant of contact lenses, where it is combined with corneal collagen crosslinking.

Allon Barsam has helped a number of patients, and in now involved in innovative uses of advanced surface ablation in cases of corneal scarring following viral keratitis. His publication on this can be accessed here:


PTK High Myopia document

PTK High Myopia document

Dr Geraldine McKeever


“Allon has truly changed my life and I would say to anyone thinking of having sight correction at a large impersonal hospital or chain to think again and to contact Mr. Barsam. You only get one pair of eyes and so you should think very carefully whom you entrust them to. ”